Brain Seal Entertainment
85 days ago
When will this game be updated to support ios 11+? I miss being able to play it. Always would be cool to see some expansion packs released for it.

1011 days ago
This game is absolutely underrated!
It should be more like some moddeable
HeroQuest engine for me.
Beto Raposa
1417 days ago
I bought the game Dark Quest for Android last week and it is great! But it is a little frustrating not being able to move than perform an action. If I move and try to attack or use an item, the character just says he can't perform more than 1 action, but he did none! After finished the main story, I am looking forward to try the sequel!
1555 days ago
are the dungeon areas supposed to scroll (left/right/up/down) as you move through them? I find myself unable to move forward much of the time, unless I exit out to the main menu and reenter the campaign, but many times this loses the progress I made during my last turn.
1644 days ago
Can you send me a update by e-mail thanks
1644 days ago
I have a kindle HD when will the new game be around and have your any other similar games for the kindle I can download thank freezer
1722 days ago
Defeated boss but the wizard killed all people in the village.
Does anyone know how to beat the level?
1965 days ago
Hi there ! I just bought this very good indie game for Xbox and just said "WAOW it's really near HeroQuest (or Descent board game) in the gameplay and design but also so much BETTER !
Dev Team
2021 days ago
Apparently there is a bug in the final level, if you kill the final boss with a firewall or some other spell then the game doesn't end... If you kill him with melee or ranged combat it seems to work fine.

We will issue a patch shortly about this along with numerous fixes and improvements!
Apologies for the inconvenience!
2022 days ago
I've played the game one time ans really like it but when i defeat the end boss the game doesn't stop so i can't find my scores on the leaderboard because it doesn't stop. How do i end the game? I tried going back to start tile but i can't return because i came through a secret door.
2031 days ago
Y'all done good, thanks for the nostalgia and I hope for future installments. Like expansion packs :-)
2043 days ago
I've posted a few comments on the TA forums regarding the iOS version, but I thought I would share some more specifics here ...

First let me say, I really admire your game. Based on the in-game credits, I see there are three core team members, so putting out a viable, quality product such as Dark Quest is not easy and I applaud your continued efforts to improve the game.

I've noticed a number of "issues", some may be known/intentional, so I will review your update plan and post any that appear to be Bugs in the appropriate forum.


Dev Team
2044 days ago
Hi CrazyDoor

We read the TA forums often and also post there from time to time about any issues players may be experiencing!
You can also find whats going in the next patch by taking a look at the ITUNES page for dark quest!
Thank you!
This door is crazy
2044 days ago
Hello there

I am enjoying the game and there are some really funny quotes I like : )
One suggestion to developers : You can better promote game by registering as developer on Touch Arcade forums and answer some of questions or post about planned updates / review suggestions in Dark Quest dedicated thread ( it is already 18 pages long and has many positive comments ) , it shouldn't take more than half an hour daily to do that, there is even developers only corner present at forum ; you can also see it as a way of boosting your sales when you communicate with your buyers daily and prove how much dedication you have to game and updates, also can serve as a free commercial at one of biggest iOS gaming sites
Hope to see you there and a big thank you to whole development team for this charming boardgames adaptation

2051 days ago
Love the old school feel. Short learning curve, very addictive.
Only negative that i can think of is how very short the game is.
2054 days ago
I've updated the patch for ipad1 but it crashes just as you start to move after initial looks cool,so hope works soon.

Dev Team
2059 days ago
The update is in review with apple and should take a few more days to appear in the store!
Thank you for your patience!
2059 days ago
Game won't load on either my 1gen iPad nor my 4th gen iPod touch. Both current os.
Game looks great other than that. I wanted to play before war hemmed quest comes out.
Dev Team
2059 days ago
Will be sending you the updated version via testflight(until apple reviews the updated version), if anyone else has a crash on Ipad1 or Ipod4 send us an email.
2060 days ago
My Ipad1 crashes on loading screen, ios 5.1.1 I have hard rebooted and uninstalled and reinstalled. The game looks great, I just want to play it. :)
2060 days ago
Not entirely sure how, or even if, this is helping but... I'm helping!

Just found your site/game via Steam Greenlight.
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